Sock it to me Spring!

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gossipgirl_070408.jpgApparently, Spring has sprung! Although the wild blizzard I had to navigate through this morning would beg to differ…..And so we launch into the difficult fashion territory that is the slow changing of the seasons.

Whilst I may long with all my heart to fling off my black opaques and frolick in bare legs and sunshine, my poor circulation and sub-zero body temperature is putting up rather a strong resistance to such whimsy.

Everywhere from magazine editorials to TV shows seem to be pointing towards the answer to all of our cross-seasonal/ saratorical problems – why, ankle socks of course.

Warmer than bare legs and more summery than tights they are a great way to wear pattern, colour – and look oh so pretty with this seasons’s eye-catching heels. They can be preppy (see Gossip Girl), quirky (think clashing prints and colours) or coquettish (best worn with Lolita-inspired dresses and a petulant expression).

In theory, they sound like the best thing since black tights, but in reality there are a couple of small print issues. Namely, your ankles may be toasty but they still leave a large portion of the leg exposed, requiring perfect toning/ tanning/ inability to feel the cold.

But then what is fashion if not an industry of self-delusion and determination? Ankle socks it is, then.

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