Money Crunch: Gryson for Target

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Economic crisis: it’s been everywhere lately, affecting prices at petrol stations and at grocery stores. All of this means that we have to take money from our rainy-day funds and put them towards the things we need to actually survive (like dinner). And I hate to sound completely materialistic, but sometimes a girl just wants something pretty but it’s not possible to pay the hefty designer price tag.

Lucky for us, the much-anticipated Gryson for Target line launched Sunday April 6th and the line is long on style and short on price.

My favorite colour is green and I love it when combined with gold-colored hardware, so this Woven Pouch in patent green is striking a chord with me. And I’ve always wanted to rock a white bag, but white isn’t the most practical colour for running around Manhattan. As any of my friends can tell you, I’m not very coordinated and I’m terrified I would ruin an expensive white bag before I even left my apartment.


However there is this Woven Patent bag with cutout handles (a larger version of the above pouch) in White that is very tempting with its $45 USD price tag. Clearly, some decisions are in my near future …

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