Budget Fashion: Welcome to Heidiwood


Everyone who’s sick of seeing cheesy pics of Spencer and Heidi of The Hills, raise your hands.

The latest money-making publicity attempt by L.C.’s nemesis is her recently debuted fashion line for Anchor Blue called, what else, but Heidiwood.

The clothing and accessories line is extremely affordable with the most expensive piece being less than $45. The collection features t-shirts, knit dresses, short shorts, jeans and jewelry and bags that are cute and stylish, but in terms of design, there’s a lot left to be desired (her signature piece is a zebra print tank top…).

I can’t see girls rushing out to get their own Heidi-inspired outfits (sorry, she’s no S.J.P.), but I think it’s safe to say that Heidi’s fashion endeavours will be more promising than her singing career.

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