T-Shirt Recycling: Loomstate for Barney’s

loomstate_150408.jpgOkay so I admit that I have been on something of a Barney’s bender lately, but I rarely have time to go into the big department stores in Manhattan and do most of my shopping at boutiques closer to my apartment in the East Village.

While shopping in Barney’s last week I saw a poster for their latest fashion project from Loomstate: bring in one of your old t-shirts and receive a 20% discount on Loomstate items.

Unfortunately for those of you that can’t drop in to one of the actual stores (this offer is valid in-store only), you won’t be able to score the discount. What you will be able to score however, regardless of your location, is a “re-fashioned” tee that will be totally unique and part of a limited edition collection come holiday time this year.

For those of us that are barely capable of sewing on a button, this represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of clothing that is a work of art and has a story to tell.

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