Seasonal Schizophrenia: Sandals or Sweaters?

vince_260408.jpgI’m confused. This past week in NYC was unseasonably balmy (75 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-April) and I found myself relegating my black tights to the back corner of my closet and going bare-legged with my skirts and dresses. Then today rolled around, and although it wasn’t exactly January again the cold and damp made me long for a thick sweater. So—on to the confusion.

I’m browsing around online as I am wont to do, and I’m thinking of gaps in my wardrobe. I need a slightly oversized cashmere cardigan, preferably black, that I can snuggle into when it’s chilly outside, like this one from Vince , except in black cashmere—like I said, I’m looking….

I also need a pair of dressy flat sandals (right now I’m favouring these flat jeweled sandals by Cynthia Vincent, because wearing my Rainbow flip-flops to work everyday just isn’t going to cut it.


Then I realize I’m shopping for winter- and summer-wear at the same time and I’m mentally planning out how to wear each of these items—this week. So, what’s the deal? Sandals or sweaters?

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