McDonalds: A New Image for an Old Classic

mcdonalds_260408.jpgIs Mickey D’s getting a make-over? Sounds like this global fast food empire is looking to revamp its commercial and unhealthy image once again by having designer Bruce Oldfield create a new collection of uni’s for McDonald’s employees in the UK.

Oldfield, who is known for dressing the likes of celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and royals, like Princess Diana, has revealed a hip and more professional range of pieces consisting of black and brown polo shirts, skirts, cargo pants, baseball caps and even suits for managers to don. The new looks are part of McDonald’s re-branding effort to appeal to a more upscale, style and health-conscious market of consumers.

Maybe the next wave of Mickey D’s uniforms to hit the U.S. will be a challenge on next season’s Project Runway? Miss Klum has dropped some hints to the media already…

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