The Bag Quest: Rebecca Minkoff or Botkier?

I have said in the past that I am a big fan of the standard Herve Chapelier canvas tote bags, but I’ve been thinking about upgrading for awhile. Although I may lust after items with big price tags on a regular basis, I live in Manhattan and I’m at the start of my career, and seeing as I don’t work in finance, that means I budget. Big time.

Getting a new bag as an investment piece is something that I have to think about and plan for. Right now I’m looking for a satchel with an over the shoulder strap that is long enough to wear cross-body. I don’t like flashy bags either, or totes big enough to double as body bags.

So far I’ve seen two that I really like that wouldn’t require me selling a kidney on the black market: this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning-After Satchel in black, as well as this Botkier Steve Belt Convertible Satchel, also in black. At $550 and $650 they are fairly comparable in terms of price, and I like that the gold-tone hardware on the Botkier bag adds a touch of glam. What I’m not so sure about is the ruching detail on the Botkier … and is the Rebecca Minkoff version too plain? You didn’t lead me astray with my skinny jeans question—so ladies, what are your thoughts?

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