Ciao Maloles, Jimmy Choo, Manolo, Louboutin …


Okay, not really. But when I opened my copy of New York Magazine this week, my heart skipped a beat. Shoes are bad for my feet?! Surely that had to be incorrect, or a (very) belated April Fools joke, as anyone who has walked around in Manhattan, or anywhere, really, knows how many icky and dangerous things lurk on the ground.

As I continued reading, it turns out this statement is true– backed up by scientific studies and all. All of the lovely frippery that we encase our tootsies in is messing up ‘around 4 million years of evolution.’ Oops. Will I be relegating my 4” Marc Jacobs heels to the back of my closet anytime soon? Probably not (and this is coming from a girl who spent half of last year recovering from foot surgery caused by wearing shoes that are especially bad for my feet).

Flats, at least, more closely mimic our natural walking pattern … and they are looking more appealing by the minute as a stylish but practical fashion choice.

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