Chunky Footwear: Cavalli Wedges

So, I’m not totally sure what to think of these wedges from Roberto Cavalli … I am a big fan of wooden shoes and I love the contrast of the creamy pale leather (makes me think of safari, or someplace tropical and exotic).

However, the detailing on the heel itself is anything but tropical– it’s hard-edged, machine-esque and futuristic. Now I love fashion contrasts as the foundation of a look, but I’m not sure that it’s working on this shoe.

With some overall tweaking and some other kind of detailing, maybe something golden-metallic and paisley with a splash of colour would be a fab version of this shoe, but I’m not a designer so I’ll just have to imagine…

Nevertheless, with it’s towering 6” heel we’ll be seeing an Olsen in this sometime soon. $1850 at

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