Closet Solutions: Rakku Shoe Wheel


I stumbled upon this image of the Rakku Shoe Wheel while blog-surfing today and was just mesmerized by it. Most women struggle to find ample storage space for all of their shoes. Stacked in the original boxes, strewn about on the floor, precariously hanging from one of those over-the-door shoe racks, there hasn’t really been a great way to keep things organized and easily accessible.

This Shoe Wheel seems like the perfect, creative solution to all of our shoe-storing dilemmas. With expandable and adjustable pockets that can stretch to secure up to 30 pairs of shoes, and the rotating feature that allows for easy viewing and access, no stiletto, sandal or sneaker will go M.I.A. or be forgotten! The Shoe Wheel comes in a variety of colours (pink, black, white and silver) and even comes in kids and men’s sizes. Brilliant! $65 available online.

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