Pale Summer…

It’s that time of year again. Glamazonian models stare down from countless magazine stands, every article contains the word ‘golden’ and the faint smell of fake tan is in the air. Yes, magazine summer is here and apparently tan is the only colour that will do. Me and my Scottish skin have been dreading this.

It’s not that I haven’t come to terms with the transluscent blue tone of my skin years ago, it’s just that I get a bit bored with countless features on how to acheive the perfect tan and neverending photographs of so-bronze-it-hurts bikini clad models. Yawn.

This summer I am championing the pre raphaelite look with more conviction than ever before. I quite like being the ‘pale one’, actually, it keeps me distinguishable from the crowds of holiday skin obsessives that roam the streets. And anyway, the dominating look on the S/S runways was pale and dewy, like a delicate snowdrop creeping into summer.

Look at Julianne Moore on the cover of this month’s French Vogue or the new Jelly Pong Pong range for pale beauties developed with Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud- somehow even this is not putting me off my quest.

Pale is also the perfect backdrop for all the best summer beauty trends – rosy cheeks and vivid lips are oh so pretty on a natural canvas. Getting these blue legs out, however, is another story entirely……

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