Bag Hunt: ‘Great’ by Sandie

So as some of you may know, I’m on a bit of a bag hunt. Which means I have been staring at lots of them, and I do mean LOTS, during the few moments of free time I have. I’ve come up with two favourites so far, both by Rebecca Minkoff (to shoulder strap, or to satchel? conundrum!), but I also discovered a relative newcomer on the designer bag circuit. ‘Great’ by Sandie is a France-based line that uses ultra-soft leather that has been tumbled to give it a comfy vintage-boho look (and when I say soft, I mean buttery, creamy, creme-fraiche soft). I love the braided handle and simple pleat detail on the “Daisy“.


I’m also a big fan of the “Emy” in soft dove grey, which has the same sort of braided handle as the “Daisy” but with a more modern look (no pleat detail).


There are some fab clutches as well, also done in a lovely ivory metallic that would be great for a night out. Not many shops have yet caught on to the greatness of ‘Great’ by Sandie, but you can shop online for these beauties at Shop Coclico. Enjoy!

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