Summer Staple: Design-conscious Frocks


My current obessesion? Stocking up on stylish and easy-to-wear dresses for summer. If you’re like me, there are way too many hours spent lingering in the closet festering about how I have no cute clothes to wear (whether or not that is true is besides the point).

Nothing is simpler and more hassle-free than throwing on a pretty, light-weight dress and a pair of flip-flops or sandals before heading out the door. I especially love a dress with eye-catching design elements that eliminate the need to even think about accessories. This Navajo Dress by Urban Outfitters fits right into that category.

With trendy, asymmetrical tribal elements on the bodice and colour-blending at the hem and straps, there is more than enough detailing to assert Summer style, while maintaining some simplicity with the classic pleated shape and white cotton fabric. $68 available at Urban

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