Trends: Hit the Decks

If the rumours are true, then deck shoes are the latest must-have fashion item this summer. It’s hard to believe that a shoe associated with fatherly types and would-be eurostrash sailors would make waves in the fashion circles, but it has. But how do you wear this trend without looking like you are on the way to the yacht club?

1. Pair with Capri pants or skinny jeans, and if you’re feeling particularly brave, perhaps a knee-length skirt.

2. We love unisex trends but don’t match your deck shoes with you partners as this is most definitely not a good look.

Still interested in trying this tricky trend out? Check out this canvas deck shoe (£12) by ASOS

Unfortunately deck shoes just remind me too much of my father and as much as I love him, I don’t love his clothing choices. So, I guess I’ll be sticking to my trusty brogues after all – at least until I get invited to the yacht club…

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