Actor Gerard Butler doesn’t know who Naomi Campbell is. Wow, really?

For those of you thinking, Gerard Butler…who? He played the lead in the movie 300 and according to WWD prior to Saturday he had no idea who Naomi Campbell was.

Despite being committed to walk for Rosa Cha at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Naomi who currently faces 200 hours of community service for her angry antics in April aboard a BA flight at Heathrow airport proved that the show still goes on and made a guest appearance on the catwalk for D&G’s men’s show in Milan over the weekend.

The supermodel stormed the runway in a sexy pair of boxers and a silk kimono while Anna Wintour whispered to Butler who Naomi was, to which he apparently replied “Oh wow really”.

Truth be told, we are surprised. Naomi has been all over the press lately, not just for her notorious behaviour but for her ever receeding hairline

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