What’s a Designer Bag If The Owner Doesn’t Know Its Value?

luella_200608.jpgFor the past 5 months my Aunt has been carrying a Luella bag around. It was a gift from a friend and till now she’s had no clue as to the value or even the designer of the bag, however since the day she put the bag on her shoulder she’s received a sack load of compliments.

Last week I went to visit my Aunt and being that I’m a fashion junkie my eyes immediately darted to the beauty of a bag that she was carrying. I oohhhed and aahhed and marvelled at how gorgeous it was. Being that my Aunt isn’t a designer freak I initially presumed that it was a bargain from the high street, but after feeling the quality I couldn’t believe it was possible. After taking a quick look at the label and after two seconds of registering exactly whom the designer was I looked at her in disbelief…”This is a Luella bag”, I squealed.

I could have been speaking Japanese as far as she was concerned because she really doesn’t have a clue who Luella is. My Grandma exclaimed that she knew all along that this was no ordinary bag (laugh out loud!).

To cut a long story short, as soon as my Aunt realised the value of her bag, she started treating it with extreme CARE!

What a difference knowledge can make eh?

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