Have We Skipped A Season? Is Autumn Here?


So I can’t help but complain that regardless of which site I shop, they’re all trying to covince me that it’s autumn. According to Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus the leaves should be changing to deep reds, oranges and yellows, the sun should be setting earlier and we should all be wearing long sleeves and pants when infact the sun is shining until late in the evening, women are baring their arms and legs for all to see and the leaves are as green as can be.

So what’s going? The intention of displaying autumn fashion at the beginning of summer is to get consumers excited about the prospects of what they will be wearing in a few months. Unfortunately, what is intended and what occurs seems to be vastly different.

Instead of getting us excited about autumn, we resent retailers for forcing the cold months upon us prematurely. Yes I think the AW08 Prada looks amazing and yes I would love to own any item from the Michael KorsAW08 collection too, but no I do not want to think about it or buy it right now.

Enjoy the summer months while you can friends, before you know it we’ll be buying snow boots in August!

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