Vogue Gets in on the Reality TV Action

When I was younger, like many girls my age I wanted to be a model. Information on how to actually become one was scarce especially when at the time every supermodel swore blind that they had been scouted. I had to cut out and keep every advice piece I could find in the mags and record any of the one-off documentaries that happened to come on tv. How pissed am I that I’m not a teen now!

With the internet, there is SO much information readily available. I would have literally lived on models.com and COACD and I would have watched America’s next top model religiously. But now Vogue has added the cherry that I would have killed for back then. In conjunction with IMG, Vogue magazine are producing 12 eight minute reality webisodes that will track the trials and tribulations of three up and coming models.

The series will be available to watch on Vogue TV with the first episode scheduled to go live on August 19th.


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