Montblanc Celebrates Mandela’s 90th Birthday


If you thought that Montblanc only produced the finest pens in the world, then you were wrong. This month Nelson Mandela and luxury brand Montblanc have joined forces to create a stylish bangle to commemorate his 90th birthday.

During his time in prison, Nelson Mandela was know as prisoner 46664, and now this sparkling beauty will be engraved with his unique prison number – a symbol of freedom and power. Made using South African metals the bangle is engraved by skilled workers who have all been affected in some way or another by the HIV/Aids epidemic and sixty percent of all sales will be donated to Nelson Mandela’s 46664 HIV/Aids prevention programme.

There have already been almost 8000 orders for the bangle which is sure to become a piece of fashion history, so you had better get ordering fast if you want a beautiful bracelet of your own. £112, available from select Montblanc boutiques.

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