Top 20 Supermodels: Niki Taylor

Back in 2003, when My Fashion Life was just 4 months old we posted a quote by Director of Click models, Harold Mindel, that went something like this,

“The supermodel is over. It’s celebrities this year, and when fashion returns, it will be back to the models.

How right was he? Fashion has returned and so has the supermodel. And we intend to celebrate their comeback by featuring our favourite “Top 20 Supermodels” over the coming weeks. First up is Niki Taylor.

Starting out at 14, Niki appeared on the cover of Vogue at 17 and by 21 made the covers of six major magazines all in one month. Like Cindy, she made the mole a must have and had girls all over pencilling moles just above their top lip!

As promised here is the first blast from the past video which features a 17yr old Niki on the House of Style.

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