Comfortable, Classic Cardy Boots: UGG

Oat, black and grey I could definitely use a pair for everyday. The Classic Cardy Boot, made by the definition of comfort- UGG, are not only easy on your tootsies, they make it easier to get dressed in the morning. The grey is absolutely my favourite. It can be paired with any ensemble- black or brown centric and allows its owner to go about their day in the epitome of comfort.

The knitted exterior is softer to the eye then any other UGG I have seen, but the material of the boot also adds in some texture to off set the, sometimes, dreary outfits the go hand in hand with Winter. The buttons along the side of the boot enables the “sweater” feel that is the Classic Cardy boot.

If you are interested in this boot, there is already a long wait list at many of the major department stores. One would think this is the new Hermes!

Not much has changed from last year- UGG certainly has secured a hold on the shoe market for this Fall. Go out and reserve your pair now! $140 available at UGG Australia

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