MAC: The ‘Cool Heat’ Collection

coolheatpowders_030808.jpgWith a summer in London that’s more like a winter in LA, you need some eye-catching make-up to brighten up those dreary days. The latest collection from MAC, ‘Cool Heat’ is the perfect accessory for this in-between weather, providing ‘summer’s chillest look’.

Cool Heat is the perfect paradox of refreshing warm and cool tones in a variety of colours and includes seven eye shadows, two lipsticks and two MAC fragrances. The fragrances (Turquatic and Turquatic Heat) have exotic keynotes, including Lotus Leaves, Anemone, and Jasmine, and are perfectly complimentary to the shades of the make-up.

I love the ‘Cool Heat’ eye shadow in frosty teal paired with the ‘Tropic Glow’ slimshine lipstick in nude, glossy pink. It’s a great look for the daytime – understated but still striking.

The colour pallete in this collection is quite contrasting, but don’t be put off by the tropical orange ‘ High 90’s’ lipstick or the ‘Climate Blue’ violet eye shadow because strangely enough they actually seem to work together!

So, take the plunge and step away from that barely-there make-up, this summer it’s time to sparkle.

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