Colourful, Comfortable and Chic Knickers Courtesy of American Apparel!

From men’s briefs, t-back thongs and invisi-thongs to the shirred back panties and über-sassy and über-comfy tap panties, American Apparel bares it all in their new viral ad to promote their line of women’s intimates.

Even though the bright colour arrangement of summer fashion is slowly coming to a grinding halt for a more sombre, darker fall, American Apparel ensures all the colours of the rainbow are at your fingertips if you want to get a little playful over the autumn.

As you would expect from American Apparel, the viral ad is consistent with the soft porn leanings of AA’s CEO, Dov Charney. However, if you can overlook this glaring fact, the ad does offer you a good idea of the fit of their underwear on figures that resemble the everyday woman. Prices start from $6

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