Mind Your Manners: Dasha Zhukova snubs Italian fashion


Are you thinking Dasha who? If so, we’ll explain. She’s 26, one of the founders of the label Kova&T (loved by many a fashionista for its wet look leggings) oh and she’s also the girlfriend of super rich, Roman Abramovich.

Well it looks like Dasha has some explaining to do, the entrepreneur recently opened a boutique in Moscow under the name Kova&T and has been very clear that there will be no Italian fashion on sale. According to the Russian socialite,

“People sometimes want to wear just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans rather than buying the entire Gucci collection.”

If it was anyone else we have no doubt that such a comment would have gone un-noticed but as she’s Abramovich’s girlfriend, tact and diplomacy are in order.

Dasha makes no secret of her distaste for “post-Soviet flashiness, and apparently favours British and Russian designers over the Italians. Don’t worry Dasha, we favour the Brits too. Are we being biased? Of course not….

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