t.A.T.u For Marc Jacobs: All The Things She Said…

Shock waves have been ripping through the online fashion world, and most probably the ‘real’ world, at the news that infamous girl band t.A.T.u have been named as the faces of the new Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign. For those of you that remember the faux lesbian duo’s performance at the Eurovision song contest in 2003, will most likely be wondering what exactly Mr Jacobs is up to employing a couple of has been pop stars to feature his clothes.

But maybe it isn’t as left field a choice as it seems – Jacobs isn’t exactly the pillar of conformity when it comes to ad campaigns and for a man with Sponge Bob Square Pants tattooed on his arm, perhaps this is just the type of ironic gesture for which he is known and loved.

But wait, according to t.A.T.u’s official website it seems the girls will only be the faces of this campaign in Russia. Which would make more sense. I think I’m actually a little disappointed.

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