Knee High or Thigh High Socks , School camp or Cool camp?


Now I really can’t decide if I actually like either trends or not. Even though I own several pairs of knee-high socks in an array of colours, I have to admit I am too scared to wear them in public.

It’s not so much the fact that I care what other people think, but it’s my own indecision of the credibility of knee -high socks that I fear to lend my name to.

After all, did I not leave the realm of over the knee hosiery behind me about 8 years ago when I left school? (Well it wasn’t actually an obligatory part of my school uniform , except when we took to the fields to play a grand old game of hockey) but you know what point I’m getting at here. To don these knee highs- is it, or is it not just a little too schoolgirl , esque?

Yes I know several fashionistas are sporting the trend: Carrie sported a pair in SATC The Movie- therefore it must be cool…? and many others such as Daisy Lowe, are flying the flag for cool Britannia, but I think it depends on the rest of your ensemble that decides if the look makes the grade.

That crucial couple of inches that leads from knee -high to thigh- high as my friend says is the measurement that takes the look from school to sexy. Hmm indeed she may be onto something here.

Ashley Simpson rocks ‘ too cool for school’ look when she teams her knee- highs with converse, and super sexy starlet Rihanna wears thigh- highs flashing just the right amount of flesh. So I think it’s simply a matter of deciding which camp you’re in. School camp or Cool camp?

Which do you prefer? Knee High Socks or Thigh High Socks

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