The Black Trouser Project: Not for Girls…Yet!


Shopping for the perfect pair of black trousers is a contradiction in terms – they just don’t seem to exist. Like searching for that elusive pair of flawless jeans, it is boring, frustrating and the thought of it feels me with dread.

When I was younger and worked jobs that necessitated the wearing of black trousers, because they were supposedly ‘smart’, this invariably meant buying a polyester mix, bootcut pair that sagged on the bum and hit the ankle at an unfashionably ankle swinging length. Because that is all there was. In short, these trousers were anything; unflattering, depressing, cheap-looking, but certainly not smart.

So when Topman announced their Black Trouser Project, it seemed someone had finally answered my prayers. Hallelujah! Indeed. As the first of three projects in which designers are invited to interpret their ideas of a certain product, The Black Trouser Project already has an enviable list of designers on board.

Upcoming names including Ann Sofie Back, who has already designed her own capsule range for Topshop, Todd Lynn and Aitor Throup have each created pretty nice looking specimens.

As good as they look though, I fear the masculine proportions won’t do me any favours. But now the seed has finally been planted, surely it’s only a matter of time before the girl friendly version? Please?

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