Made for Walking: Brian Atwood Jamie Over-the-Knee Boots

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Is it just us, or is winter a much more exciting season for your wardrobe. The first thing we’ll will be embracing along with the impending autumn, are knee , high boots, actually lets get the sex , factor up here , we’re talking thigh- high boots.

Now we know this A/W footwear trend has been skating on the edge of the fashion radar for a few seasons now, but for A/W 08 they are going to be thrust into the shoe- of- the -season spotlight. We’re talking heels and flats, leather, suede, embellishment – the options are endless.

Take a peep at these lush Brian Atwood, over-the-knee boots (above), £1,010 available at net , a in black suede- very “Glam Goth.

Just a sheer glimpse of these makes us want to sacrifice our travel budget for the month and walk to work , yes it may mean walking halfway across London , but at least we’d be walking in style.

Hurry though…they’re flying off the shelves and are perfect if your credit card isn’t already maxed. It is? Ok just take a trip to good old Topshop for these flats in suede, with the compulsory so- this- season tassel and fringing. £90 available at Topshop


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