Model.Live: My Oh My…Our Madeline is Quite the Fashion Stalwart

enter site Madeline Kragh on Facehunter

source site Now it’s quite natural to expect models to be up on their know-how when it comes to personal style, so it didn’t surprise us to see Ms. Madeline Kragh of Model.Live on Face Hunter’s coverage of New York Fashion Week. Definitely a resume builder! We joke. But it seems Madeline’s not only a budding model by Vogue’s standards, but she’s trailblazing the street style scene with her rather dashing argyle socks paired with some rakish two-toned brogues! She’s literally hitting the ground running!

Sidebar: it may be just our eyes playing tricks on us, but doesn’t Madeline eerily favor Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl?

And her haircut plus angle in the picture makes her somewhat akin to Agyness Deyn.

follow url It’s all kind of quirky, but we still love her!


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