Wonderful Williamson: What were you thinking!


Matthew, I have to ask a very serious question here and I’m sure im not alone- WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Indeed- what is this monstrosity of a…coat? It’s so wrong on so many levels. This Chapelle weave coat, with a price tag of £1,025 is such a sore thumb in what is otherwise a truly beautifully inspired collection and offers no room for mistakes in the till purchasing area. If you do unwittingly purchase it…just put it down to stress, a bad day, or a very crazy impulse buy.

Williamson is a personal favourite designer of mine, a man with a talent to portray fantasy fairy tales into a work of wearable, dreamy designs so we’ll put this coat down to an off day.

So with due respect and afore mentioned mistake aside, we salute you Mr usually magical- Matthew (wonderful) Williamson.

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