Gambling with Louis Vuitton and More…

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Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

With New York Fashion Week in full swing these past few days have been all fashion, all the time. I’ve been going to shows and events back-to-back and running on some serious fashion-driven adrenaline , love it!

I skipped the Milly and Mara Hoffman shows to check-out a party hosted by Vogue at the Elie Tahari West Broadway store to honor socialite Tatiana Boncompagni in light of her debut novel, Gilding Lily. The event was hosted by Emmy Rossum, Tinsley Mortimer, Christian Leone, and Lydia Fenet. I had a chance to speak to Rossum thanks to my boyfriend who was quick to introduce himself (of course…ooh boys!). Rossum was wonderfully gracious and said that she’s noticed that all the guys she speaks with love The Day After Tomorrow, while the ladies seem to always bring-up Phantom of the Opera. For her part, she said that she’s equally proud of both.

After the little celeb encounter I indulged in some Veuve Clicquot and hors d’Å“uvres before heading two blocks East to the Soho Louis Vuitton store where the luxury giant was hosting an event, Casino Louis Vuitton, in conjunction with Details magazine to celebrate their new Damier collection , Damier Graphite.

Louis Vuitton Casino Dollars

As I made my way in I was handed four $100 Louis Vuitton bills with a photo of Louis Vuitton replacing Benjamin Franklin and I was told that I could use these for gambling. During the event waiters made the rounds with card-themed trays and some stiff drinks (Hennessy cocktails = too much for my stomach!), as people crowded the poker, Black Jack, and roulette tables that were set-up and sprinkled with the signature LV monogram (as were the poker chips!). A few lucky players were dealt Hennessy cards and were rewarded with bottles of Hennessy, but the luckiest were those who amassed the most LV dollars by the end of the event as they were awarded some LV freebies!

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

Why all the gambling you ask? Anyone who has passed a Louis Vuitton boutique lately has probably noticed an abundance of chrome faux-security cameras meant to go with the theme of some of their latest pieces , bank robbing, high-rolling gamblers, a theme that originally stemmed from old, classic French movies centered around back robbers. There’s even a new leather shoe topped-off with a shinny finish called “Casino, and a lot of the men’s coats have removable and inconspicuous pockets, but what really caught my eye was a $3,600 crocodile man purse (for storing stolen cash, I assume), which was very reminiscent of my treasured YSL Muse Tote.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

Beside the casino-themed new pieces, the new Damier collection was also, of course, on display. There new limited edition Damier Graphite line for men has white leather detailing. The one pictured above retails for $2350. This is the first time Louis Vuitton is doing their classic Damier print in black.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

For women, the new pieces are interesting to say the least. A pair of uber-high black platform pumps, some questionable tassels on handbags, and a fur that oddly mixes pink with shades of gray were all on display. That said, the new collections were certainly popular as people, in between gambling and drinking, were scooping-up loads of LV finds.

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