Ultimate Accessories: The Versace Car

versace lamborghini front

You have the finest designer wardrobe, a cosmetics collection any make-up artist would be envious of and the best skincare money can buy, but why stop there? “What else could a fashionista ask for? I hear you cry. How about the ultimate designer accessory, a Versace Lamborghini.

This goooooorgeous limited edition Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster Versace is hot-to-trot and made to order which means you don’t have to worry about finding another parked next to you in the shopping centre car park; and it also means you can choose your own colour palette, technology and interior fittings, fab!

With the Versace emblem emblazoned on the beautiful full-grain nappa leather upholstery, this sports car feels as luxurious as it looks, and boy oh boy would you be getting looks as you drive by. Ok ok so it’s a bit, well, extremely ostentatious and carries an epic price tag of £500,000, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming is there?

versace lamborghini seats

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