London Fashion Week: Reem


If Beatrix Potters’ Mrs. Tiddywinkle had decided to design haute couture with Vivienne Westwood it may have looked a little like Reem. The creations are fantastic; skirts are layer upon layer of rich lace, like the material equivalent of an apple strudel, but the seams are rough and uncomplicated – providing the designs with more edge than flounce.

Little Bo Peep hats were everywhere, but skulking with heavy black beads over the rim and ostrich feathers fanning what would be left of the wearers face , as if little Bo Peep had been made a widow and gone goth.

Bow ties were abundant, as were heavily beaded jewelry round the neck and leather gloves. It all seems a bit too sultry and decadent for a summer collection, but all wonderfully romantic anyway. 

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