London Fashion Week: Ana Sekularac

Ana Sekularac SS09

The eighteenth century dwelling on 33 Portland Place was the ideal setting for a slightly risque display of non-saintly fashion. With hints of bondage, deadly stunning stilettos and rather big knickers, this for me was Tuesdays highlight. Panelled bodices and perfectly fitting mini dresses were order of the evening, lace was added in small quantities giving the designs a whiff of gothic decorum.

The sharp shoulder straps on the majority of the designs were almost sci-fi fantasy without the ridiculousness , collarbones and shoulders were on display with a tirade of off the shoulder dresses. Colour was kept strictly minimal with an almost peachy pink, white and black. These were grown-up designs, the first I’d seen all day, and to be honest it was a bit of a relief.

For daywear tapered silk trousers also featured, teamed with effeminate ruffled shirts that wouldn’t be out of place in the office. 

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