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Credit crunch, credit crunch, arrggh! We can’t run and we can’t hide from those dreaded two words. So we have to find fantastic and ingenious ways to save money. All we can say is thank god for the online private sale boom. If it wasn’t for online private sales we’re not sure how else we’d get our hands on quality threads at a fraction of the price.

There is the sample sale, but who wants to queue for hours and have to deal with the pushing and shoving once inside? Not us.

Save your pennies and head on over to They’re the best online private sale we’ve used so far with access to great designers (Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Catherine Malandrino, Valentino and more) at up to 70% off retail price. What more can we ask for?

They’re invite only but we have invitations just for you. Click here to register. No thanks necessary!

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