Marshalls, now selling designer brands for less

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We all know and love discount retailer Marshalls for its ability to supply us with our favourite brands for criminally cheap prices. Now, Marshalls has undergone a transformation with the installation of a new boutique packed with discounted designer goods called The Cube.


watch Yes, that’s right big names like Gucci, Christian Dior and Michael Kors can all be found at Marshalls for a fraction of their retail prices.

The rationale behind the move? To raise the spirits of shoppers with some beautiful designer bargains… I know it made me feel a lot better!

There is a lot to sift through when you enter the store and the shoes are still a bit pricey. Granted, they are less than they would normally be, but they are still more than you would expect to pay at a discount retailer such as Marshalls. However don’t let this put you off paying a visit to The Cube and exploring. There are gems to be found!

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