Live snake massage? No thanks!


These days we’re not at a loss of weird and wonderful beauty crazes to poke fun at. The latest? A live snake massage. Yes, you read correctly and yes we are referring to real snakes.

According to time magazine, a spa in Northern Israel is offering highly stressed tourists and local customers the chance to have a relaxing massage with six non-venomous snakes.

The snakes are placed on the back and allowed to slither away. Apparently the massage promotes a feeling of peace and soothes muscle aches and pains while relieving migraines. I’m slightly dubious but the author of the piece was brave enough to have a try and admits it was pretty calming.

Now I absolutely love massages, snakes on the other hand scare the hell out of me! Whatever happened to a good old fashioned massage? I can’t say I’ll be having a snake massage anytime soon. Will you?

If you’re slightly curious, check out this video.

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