Episode 12: Big Fish, Little Pond

Back from suspension (don’t quote me) after exhibiting some rather slipshod behaviour in London, Austria’s mother agent, Socrates McKinney, delivers a vindicating performance as he narrates much of the episode. Austria’s listless poise at much of her European castings have been a thing of debate and by discussing the dynamics of the Dominican family, McKinney provides a quasi−explanation for Austria’s withdrawn conduct.

Culture has it that Dominican girls do not willfully vacate their parents’ house unless some gentleman takes their hand in marriage. In that sense, Austria shuttling half way across the world at the tender age of 16 (or is it 14) is a colossal shift in gears.

For the most part, McKinney’s narrating is a welcomed return to the sense of wisdom he evinced when Austria was first introduced to Model.Live. However, his streak of good comes to an abrupt halt when he animatedly divulges the $9000 sum Austria is to receive for her first campaign.

McKinney’s blunders aside, the closing segments of the episode present a snapshot of the economic reality that drives Austria Alacantra. By participating in Dominican Moda, it is evident that her development as a model is important to her; however, at the same time, she casually scoffs at talks of her sitting out a year because she knows her toils are benefiting not only herself, but the lives of others.

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