Episode 13: “The Top Model That We Know She Is

Of the three girls IMG eyed for the entire Model.Live series, Cato emerged as the golden child, walking an amazing 37 shows across the entire show season. Campaign season is hardly a stumbling block for Cato as an opportunity to star in D&G’s cruise campaign comes knocking!

Cato success rouses ambivalence between the two camps of people she draws her support from. IMG are chuffed by her ascent, labelling her the “confirmed new star on the market—but, you know, I say ‘star’ in small letters. And the latter half of David Cunningham’s statement is where Cato’s parents lay in worry as they feel the small time world of modelling has already been unhinged—for the better—where Cato is concerned.

So how does Cato feel about all the fanfare? She receives her progression as an expected reality, showing no schoolgirl excitement whatsoever over being moved from the development board to the main women’s board. Cato’s response to the news: “I was thinking that at any moment it could happen. She’s a supermodel already!

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