TJ Maxx Holiday Season Giveaway: And the winner is…


The fun and games have to come to an end! Now whether you approached our recent TJ Maxx contest with an educated guess or engaged in a whimsical bout of eeny, meeny, miny, moe, we appreciate your input. Congratulations to our winner Rita M who correctly guesses that the outfit on the RIGHT was infact the SPLURGE! Here’s how the the outfits actually weighed up price wise:

Splurge (Department Store)
Gloves: $130.00
Bag: $229.00
Boots: $99.99
Jacket: $159.50
Pants: $89.50 Total: $707.99

Steal (TJ Maxx/Marshalls Off Price)
Gloves: $59.99
Bag: $169.99
Boots: $19.99
Jacket: $29.99
Pants: $49.99
Scarf: $16.99 Total: $346.94

Take home message: don’t sleep on the TJ Maxx brand!

Thanks again to TJ Maxx for sponsoring this holiday giveaway, but we would also like to extend a warm gesture for your participation. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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