Origins Modern Friction Body Scrub

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originsOrigins Modern Friction is a gentle body scrub that exfoliates with rice starch to rejuvinate tired, dry skin. The product promises to refine, whilst calming the skin with a touch of Aloe. Well it all sounds good to me, and things only got better when I opened the cap to take a whiff.

The zingy lemon fragrance makes the gritty putty a refreshing choice for those showers, and I must say this is the nicest exfoliator I have used in a long time. ‘Nice’ . A terrible choice of adjective I hear you cry. But I really do mean it. In the way that the scrub is kind to your body; no scratchy, irritating moments where you feel like you’re washing the entire sandy beach off your skin after a day’s sunbathing – always a bonus.

Saying all that, Origins advise that you use this body scrub just before taking a shower i.e. on dry skin, and then rinsing it off in a lather. But let’s face it, this can be fussy and if I’m honest, I did tend to forget. Using Modern Friction two – three times a week, I often opted to apply whilst in the shower and the results were very pleasing. My skin felt silky smooth after just one use.

A tube of the good stuff will set you back £25.45 for 200ml, but I have found that you need apply only a little to achieve impressive results. I think it is worth every penny. Available at

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