Oscar de la Renta backtracks on Obama comments

You may remember that Oscar de la Renta caused quite a stir with some rather ill-advised comments concerning Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. It caused quite a backlash in the media and fashion world, and can only have damaged the Oscar de la Renta brand.

But never one to keep quiet, Oscar has popped up on The View to explain:

“She’s entitled to wear anything she want to. I may have chosen my words badly, and I regret it.

But Barbara Walters asked the question that we’d all been thinking:

“Are you jealous

De la Renta’s response:

“Of course I’m jealous. Listen, to dress the First Lady is a tremendous privilege. I’m jealous if I’m not dressing every single woman. Not jealous , really jealous.

Really Oscar? But you hide it so well.

Although he did start on his “[American fashion] is going through a very difficult time and Mrs Obama has a tremendous opportunity to really represent American fashion argument again.

But as we’ve previously noted Mrs Obama does wear mainly American fashion….


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