2009 MTV Movie Awards: Fashion forward Bruno steals the limelight

Oh the glamour! Yesterday, the stars took to the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards in L.A at Universal City’s, Gibson Amphitheatre. Some kept it casual, while others glammed it up to the max. We’ll be taking a look at the starlets and their frocks shortly, but first can we just take a moment to admire Bruno’s (aka Sascha Baron Cohen) fashion extravaganza.

Not a shy one, Bruno donned two outfits for the event. First, an animal print leotard with a matching hat and footwear (somewhere Lady Gaga is kicking herself for not coveting this get up first).

For the show, the comedian ruffled a few feathers in this gladiator inspired outfit paired with white knee high boots and accessorised with angelic wings. Yes, you read correctly, wings. Do we spy a micro-trend? We bet Kanye has already placed his order for a pair of wings in blue.

You have to love Bruno, we can’t wait for the movie.

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