Emma Thompson’s water beauty

Emma Thompson credits ‘rain’ with her youthful appearance.

The ‘Last Chance Harvey’ actress – who turned 50 last May – says she finds the wet weather in Scotland has unexpected benefits for her skin.

When asked her secret to looking young, Emma said: ‘I think Scotland’s got a lot to do with it, I spend a lot of time up there and it rains a lot, which is good for the complexion.’

The British star also insists on finding the time to exercise wherever she is, regardless of the facilities.

She explained: ‘I make sure I take regular exercise, I do anything I can lay my hands on, if I can’t go to a gym like last weekend, I just put on my iPod and my trainers and trot around in the garden, whatever I’ve got time for I’ll do.’

However, Emma admits it takes work and discipline to stay in shape and would love to be able to have no restrictions on her diet.

She added to BANG Showbiz: ‘If I had a super power I’d like to be able to eat and eat whatever I wanted without getting fat.’

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