Wedding dress thief Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy used to wear her aunt’s wedding dress around town.

The flamboyant singer likes dressing to shock people, and as a teenager she raided her family’s attics to find unusual vintage outfits.

She said: ‘I found my style in my aunt’s attic. She hoarded all her 60s clothes there, along with the tiaras she won as a beauty queen, and I would steal her wedding dress to wear around town.

‘I never minded looking different, but I still had insecurities. Luckily I had the balls to match. I thought I was absolutely gorgeous, and it was mortifying to reach 15 and realise I wasn’t Jerry Hall.’

Roisin, who found fame with her former band Moloko, admits daring to be different in the fashion stakes had consequences and she was teased when she was growing up.

The 36-year-old blonde star explained: ‘I was bullied at school, and when I see myself in the ‘What was she thinking’ section of a bad magazine it reminds me of those feelings.

‘It’s like I’m being ganged up on by b***hy, super-critical girls.’

Roisin also says her fashion icons change all the time, but she never fails to be inspired by model-and-singer Grace Jones, designer Vivienne Westwood and her mother.

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