Hairdresser Becki Newton

Becki Newton used to cut her own hair.

The ‘Ugly Betty’ star – who plays glamorous receptionist Amanda Tanen in the hit US show – admits she wasn’t very fashionable while she was growing up as she never visited a hairdressers and would make her own clothes.

She said: “Growing up I had a terrible pudding-bowl haircut. I used to cut it myself and I’d sew my own clothing, too. I looked a little strange compared to the other kids. But the thing was, I felt I looked amazing, so what other people thought never bothered me. I think I was a bit of a nerd – I was probably a lot more Betty than Amanda growing up.”

However, when Becki did eventually visit a hairdressers, the results weren’t what she was hoping for.

She told Britain’s Live magazine: “After leaving school, I travelled around Europe for about six months. In Denmark I thought that was my chance to get an amazing haircut, so I went to what I thought was a great hairdresser. It turned out to be the car wash of hairdressers and I walked out sporting yet another pudding bowl, but this time with a stripe bleached down the centre. I looked Moe from The Three Stooges.”

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