Creative Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto says overweight women have to be creative with clothes.

The Gossip singer – who has just launched her own range of clothes for British high street store Evans – believes ladies over a certain size should learn how to make clothes work for their body shape.

She said: “I don’t understand all these women who say they feel betrayed by fashion. A piece of clothing can’t talk – it can’t tell you that you can’t have it – so really, you’re just telling yourself that.

“You make yourself the victim, because if you want clothes that bad, then make them yourself. You have to get creative if you’re fat. I’m really good at turning a belt into a necklace, and I can always find a nice pair of earrings.”

However, the plus-sized star admits the fashion industry can be against a lot of bigger women.

She told Britain’s Style magazine: “I know that one year Karl Lagerfield was refusing to make clothes for women of a certain size, and the next year he was asking me to play at the Fendi party. What a contradiction they are! But they’re probably just as big victims of not being bale to see beyond the ends of their noses as all the people complaining about it. You have to get in there, shake it up.”

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