Vanessa Hudgens’ fashion experiment

Vanessa Hudgens loves getting dressed up.

The ‘High School Musical’ actress likes to experiment with fashion and wouldn’t be happy wearing the same outfit day after day.

Vanessa – who works with Hollywood stylist Deborah Waknin – said: ‘I’ve used her forever and I’m in love with her! She completely gets me, which is really hard, I think. I’m not very typical; I like my own thing. I’m not content with wearing a T-shirt and jeans every day. I love fashion and I love playing with it.’

Vanessa – who is dating her ‘High School Musical’ co-star Zac Efron – describes her style as alternating between ‘bohemian chic’ and ‘rocker chic’.

She added to Britain’s InStyle magazine: ‘They all end in chic! When I’m feeling sweet, I’ll throw on the floral clothes. Every now and then, long skirts. Other days, I’ll go for dark colours. I am no label whore and for the most part, I dress myself.’

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