Liv Tyler: Make up guru

Liv Tyler uses lipstick as blusher.

The stunning actress turns out to have some fabulous beauty secrets. She loves the colour she gets on her cheeks from her lipstick, and says it has the added benefit of staying on longer than normal blush.

She said: “I use lipstick as a blusher, especially if I’m wearing a pink shade. Just press the colour into your cheeks so it looks like a stain. I like wearing pink lipstick as, unlike red, you can still apply it after a few cocktails.”

Liv also uses a lip brush and foundation to conceal any spots. She told Britain’s InStyle magazine: “I learnt to use a lip brush to conceal pimples. It covers them perfectly because the tip of the brush is so small. It’s great in the summer, as you don’t have to cover your whole face in foundation. Another piece of advice came from my facialist, who uses eye cream on my top lip to prevent lines.”

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