Lunchtime buy: Paparazzi clutch bag

We loved the idea behind Henry Holland’s ‘Bagazine’, created for his H! by Henry Holland range for Debenhams and although it might have been a bit neon for our liking, we’ve come across a range that has taken the clutch/magazine look and made it, actually, pretty wearable.

there are numerous cover designs to choose from courtesy of Paparazzi, the brand responsible for the more convincing bag-disguised-as-magazine effort and we believe it’s the decent masquerade job that’s got us more enthusiastic about this lot. After all, we never thought we’d want to carry around a bag that looked like a magazine but now? Well, we’re beginning to come round to the idea…

…Just us then?

Check out the range and see for yourself: £45 from ASOS.

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